Nebrodi Experience

Go on an excursion to the Nebrodi park, and walk through a variety of landscapes as you look at the view of the sea and sky with the magnificent Aeolian islands in the background. The numerous wooded areas offer a mild climate even in the hot summer season. Choose between different routes of varying difficulty and let the Nebrodi Experience guides take you to the most suggestive places.
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Ficarra is a pretty village in the Nebrodi mountains, a small jewel that combines culture and tradition. The town is well kept and its inhabitants, who are passionate about their land, have made it a pleasant destination for visitors looking for unique experiences far from the most popular tourist destinations. A place definitely worth seeing!
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Borgo San Gregorio

Capo d'Orlando is a small coastal town busy all year round. From here you easily reach Borgo San Gregorio, an enchanting fishing village that was the inspiration for one of Italy’s most popular summer songs. The village is made up of small and simple fishermen's houses and is so charming that it is often the object of attention from artists and also hosts numerous events. For info: Click here


Get ready to be pleasantly surprised: although Cefalù is renowned for tourism, it has not lost its traditional charm! Immerse yourself in the daily life of this seaside town with a strong identity. Walk up the paths and reach the top of the cliff: you won't believe your eyes. The view is truly unique. Find out more:www.comune.cefalu.pa.it

The Sanctuary of Tindari

Tindari is a place of pilgrimage not just for Catholics but also for those seeking stunning landscapes that give you a feeling of elation. Brace yourself for this natural spectacle: you will feel as if you are suspended in air as you walk along the rocky pathway at the feet of the sanctuary. This is an unforgettable place. The Marinello Lake nature reserve will let you experience nature in all its fragility and complexity.
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Aeolian Islands

7 small volcanic islands located off the stunning Sicilian coast. This natural paradise has over 5000 years of history: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans all left their mark on these islands. The unique natural formations of tall cliffs, black sand volcanic beaches and smoking craters have made this a fascinating destination throughout history.


The village of Piraino is a mix of beauty and history overlooking the sea and the Aeolian islands. Take in the spectacular view from above and make sure to experience the breathtaking view of the sunset.
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©Photo: Nino Bartuccio